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Looking for some Disney Clipart??? You've come to the right place. Follow these simple instructions and you'll find what you want super fast.

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There are 1568 images for you to choose from!
Characters (Clipart: 222, Categories: 18)
Clipart of characters not in Movies (Mickey, Donald, etc)
Coloring Pages (Clipart: 80, Categories: 7)
Print out pages for children (or you) to color
Holidays (Clipart: 100, Categories: 12)
Holiday specific clipart
Mouselaneous (Clipart: 38, Categories: 6)
Misc clipart (Disney Signatures, Cruise Line Logo etc)
Movies (Clipart: 968, Categories: 312)
Clipart by movie then by character
Parks (Clipart: 65, Categories: 14)
Clipart from parks, resorts, rides, etc
Television (Clipart: 93, Categories: 49)
Clipart from Disney's TV cartoons

A few random Disney clipart

1 - Use the search field in the top left to find what you want. If you type in "mickey" it will bring back every clipart we have with mickey in it.


2 - Use the categories above to find the section you want. Our clipart are in sections, so you can find all the clipart you want by going through the directories. It may take 3-4 pages to get there, but once you find what you want, you may never leave...

All clipart on this site has been gathered from the public domain to the best of my knowledge. Many of them have been sent to me by fans, and there is no way to validate where they obtained them. If you have an issue about certain clipart, please use the contact us link on the left side. Images are not to be used in other clipart collection. Images © Disney.

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