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How do I download images? - See this file for regular downloading instrucions.

Do you have .zip files of your images? - No I do not. As of the making of this FAQ I have over 20 megabyte of images, in over 350 categories. To make a zip file for the whole site would be huge, to make a zip file per character/movie/park/etc (again that would be over 350 zip files) would be more work then I need. In addition I would have to update each zip file every time that I updated...and that's a LOT of work. So no I can't provide zip files at this time.

I downloaded a file and now I can't find it...where is it? - When saving your image the browser will ask you what directory you want to save it in. Often times (but not all times) it could be your "My Doucuments" or windows/temp directories. Make sure you know where it is being saved, or choose another directory that you want to keep your images in. If you still can't find it try saving another image and looking to see where it is. Or use the Find program to locate it. Use the name of the file to search, or just a simple "mickey" "donald" or whatever the characters name is that you downloaded.

Will you give me permission to use your images? - The reason this site exists, is for you to find all the images you need in one site. Feel free to use all the images you want. If you use them on a website, I would request a link back so that others may find this resource as well.

What are the copyright restrictions on these images? Can I use them on my site? - Many people are worried that if they have these images on thier site that Disney will shut them down. To the best of my knowledge this is false. The only restriction that there is, is that you can make NO MONEY off of a site using these Disney images. Again this is to the best of MY knowledge and all I do is provide the images, what you do with them is your business and this site or it's maintainers will not be held accountable.

Can I use these images for brochures, classes, overheads, etc? - These items are pretty much the same as the above dealing with copyright. You can make NO MONEY off of anything that you use these images for. Again, this is up to you and this site or it's maintainers will not be held accountable.

Why are all the images in .gif format? - Mostly for the transparency ability for web pages. Although I have now started placeing very few image in .jpg format.

Why have you placed some images in .jpg format? - Due to the high quality and many colors of some images, changing them to gif would be unwise. An image I had worked with as an 18k .jpg turned into an 65k .gif even after shrinking the size and deleting much of the beautiful artwork. The .jpg format will be used only on rare occasion.

Why are their weird background colors when I view them in my image programs on my computer? - Sometimes if there is white in the character, if I had white be the transparent background it would make that part transparent as well. If I use a color that is not even close to being a color in the character for the background, then there is no chance of a part of the character becoming transparent that I don't want to.
To change to background color use any image editing program and change or fill the color you don't want to the color you do want.

Why are some of the images so large? - When you try to enlarge an image, you will almost always loose clarity. But shrinking will hardly effect it. With large images people can always shrink them, and usually won't have to make them larger. I would suggest doing a Google search for instructions on how to resize image in your given image editing program.

Do you have a logo I can use as a link? - I am currently working on getting some new logos made up. A link will be posted when they are available.

How are others using your images? - Some uses I have had reported to me are: scrapbooks for Disney trips, clothing (using the new advanced sewing machines that can sew clipart), reports, power-point presentations, and more!!

All clipart on this site has been gathered from the public domain to the best of my knowledge. Many of them have been sent to me by fans, and there is no way to validate where they obtained them. If you have an issue about certain clipart, please use the contact us link on the left side.

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