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Bugs Life

Dot (Clipart: 1)
Flik (Clipart: 2)
Francis (Clipart: 2)
Heimlich (Clipart: 2)
Hopper (Clipart: 1)
Misc (Clipart: 7)
Princess Atta (Clipart: 1)
PT Flea (Clipart: 2)
Queen (Clipart: 1)
Rosie (Clipart: 1)
Slim (Clipart: 1)
Tuck and Roll (Clipart: 1)

All clipart on this site has been gathered from the public domain to the best of my knowledge. Many of them have been sent to me by fans, and there is no way to validate where they obtained them. If you have an issue about certain clipart, please use the contact us link on the left side. Images are not to be used in other clipart collection. Images © Disney.

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